I spent much of my youth wanting to be a professional drummer. I dreamed of touring the world with the likes of The Rolling Stones but there was always something else that nagged at me, that I believe kept me from really pushing for “life on the road”.

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What's You 'Why'?

Knowing your 'why' is your life's compass, it needs to be defined and become a part of your soul. Most of the time, you need a 3rd party sounding board to figure this out. We can do this together!

Is now your time?

If you've landed here, there's a good chance you read one of my posts or you're a subscriber to my newsletter. If the stars have aligned and you feel your not living your best life, then it is time!

What is you goal?

Are you ready to work for yourself as a solopreneur or entrepreneur? In order to do this successfully, you have to be confident you in fact, know your 'why' as you'll need that compass everyday.

Link Your 'Why' To Your Biz

This is the fun part! Now that we've nailed down your 'why' and you want to start a business, we can map out the necessary steps to accomplish you goals.

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I believe the ultimate gift is to share what I’ve learned, with the world, in the hopes I might help others to succeed. So in addition to being a student, I also consider myself a teacher.

In addition to my achievements, I’ve also made my share of mistakes. The key is to learn from those mistakes and to help others potentially avoid some of them.

This is what this site aims to provide…I hope you find a nugget or two!

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Graduating from college and experimenting with various job roles quickly revealed my entrepreneurial spirit – working under someone else’s direction just wasn’t for me. My journey has been marked by serial entrepreneurship, having founded multiple thriving enterprises. My path also led me to the music industry, not as a world-touring drummer for The Stones, but rather as a professional musician in a different capacity, which eventually culminated in establishing a successful management and booking agency.

I am perpetually a student, deeply invested in studying the art of success. I draw inspiration and knowledge from a diverse array of mentors, both renowned and unsung, who have generously shared insights from their own paths to greatness. Their wisdom has been instrumental in shaping my approach to building successful businesses for over twenty years.

Sharing the lessons I’ve learned is a privilege I hold dear, hoping to inspire and aid others in their pursuits of success. Thus, I wear the dual hats of a student and a teacher.

My journey hasn’t been devoid of missteps, but these errors have been crucial learning points. I believe in leveraging these experiences to guide others, helping them sidestep similar pitfalls.

I hope that in my story, you find inspiration and perhaps a few valuable lessons to carry forward in your own endeavors.

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