70 Revenue Streams For Musicians, Songwriters, Beatmakers, Producers, Engineers and more…

Music Related Revenue Streams 

A list of 45 revenue sources was originally generated in the fall of 2011, as part of the Future of Music Coalition's “Artist  Revenue Streams Research Project”, a cross-genre, multi-method examination of musicians’ revenue streams This document includes their previous revenue streams plus my own exhaustive research bring the total number of revenue streams to 70, adding even more detailed information and updates to what was initially written, in order to make it relevant in 2023.  While not every revenue stream will apply to everyone, knowing what’s possible can ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.
· January 2, 2023
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Songwriter & Composer Revenue
Recording Artist Revenue
Performer & Session Musician Revenue
Knowledge of Craft: Teaching, Producing/Engineering
Brand-Related Revenue
Personal Digital Fan Revenue
Fan, Corporate & Foundation Funding and Other Sources of Revenue
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